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Loyalty, Love, Power and Heartbreak

Stephanie was a natural giver, a natural carer and mother figure. She gave her help, support and love to those who needed it unconditionally.

So, in her hour of need, how would she cope? Who would come to her aid? Stephanie was surprised from where help and support came!

Stephanie Peterson was the supervisor on a direct sales team at a nationwide company. She had the ability to get the best from her staff and encourage them to become high achievers, as indeed she was. At work she was confident and dynamic, had the respect of her staff and was well liked by her superiors. However, in her private life she was far from confident or dynamic.

She considered herself dull and boring. She had little experience with dating, so, when she met John Groves, a strikingly good looking man, how would she react? John appreciated her business skills, but would he appreciate her for herself?

Stephanie cared about people, she was the kind of person everyone needs in their life. Always prepared to go the extra mile, nothing was too much trouble for her. So, when she experienced trauma and heartbreak, all her friends rallied round her. They did everything they could to support and help her. But, would it be enough?



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