Smile Of A Stranger Book Cover

Smile Of A Stranger

A moment in Time

When Garry’s wife, the lovely Caroline, left him for another man, it hit him hard. Their teenage son Matthew was suffering too, he hated his mother. Not just for leaving them, but for other reasons going back years. If he knew the secret she was keeping about him, he would hate her even more.

One day, a chance encounter, a brief moment in time, led Garry to believe that he could recover from the hurt he was feeling and start to live again. But, there was a problem, a little matter of the truth! Would it get in the way of any future happiness or was deception the way forward? Matthew knew right from wrong, but did his father?

Frank, his best friend was shocked when Garry asked him for help. It was help Garry knew he should not ask for, but nevertheless he did. It was a request that had the two old friends at loggerheads and made Frank see Garry in a different light. Could their friendship survive Garry’s unreasonable behaviour? Was it worth it to Garry even if it didn’t?

Despite leaving the family home for another man, Caroline wanted to keep in touch with her son Matthew, but he wasn’t keen on further contact. Caroline was persistent though, she tried all she knew to persuade her son to let her back into his life. Could she succeed? But what effect would it have on Matthew if she did?


Smile Of A Stranger

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