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An Adventure Story with a difference. 12 People thrust together, 6 Men & 6 Women - More than the adventure of a lifetime

When 7 passengers met up with 5 crew members at the Captain’s Equatorial Ball on a luxury yacht, little could they have imagined the adventure they were about to embark on.

The unbelievable became common place, the impossible became fact.

Could they survive what lay ahead? Could they survive each other? Could they discover the truth of what had happened to them?

"Mindwreck" is an adventure story with a difference, 12 people thrust together in adversity, 6 men and 6 women.

However, "Mindwreck" is not just an adventure story but an adventure mystery and a love story, a multiple love story with plenty of conflict. The conflict comes from different places and different people, some of it hopefully, surprising! "Mindwreck" is not intended to be a Sci-fi story. However, the reader is asked to make a "leap of faith." This is important to allow the story and characters to develop and achieve the desired ending. After the introduction of the characters in the first two chapters, there is a fundamental mystery thread running from chapter three, a "trail of breadcrumbs" for the characters and the reader to follow. Eventually, as the story races towards its climax all the questions are answered, but the characters are left with a shocking dilemma.

They have to make a choice that will affect the rest of their lives; a choice once made that cannot be undone, a choice they are warned may haunt them for the rest of their lives.



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