Ongoing Project - "MINDWRECK"

More than the Adventure of a Lifetime

Estimated Completion Date – Sometime – Before I die!

Mindwreck Book Cover - CopyThis manuscript is very much a long term project...long term in the extreme! I first created the basic idea and formed all the characters in 1982. In 2012, thirty years later I revisited my handwritten script, it needed a proper ending, I created one. I added three new final chapters, re-worked the original ones and added extra sections.

Now it needs time to work it further, whilst at the same time writing other stories that keep popping into my head. At this moment there is no estimated publication date, when it is finalised to my satisfaction, it will be released, or allowed to escape! However, I will ensure it is as good as it can be when it does finally hit the book stands of Amazon.

"Mindwreck" is an adventure story with a difference, 12 people thrust together, 6 men and 6 women. It is undoubtedly my most ambitious project to date, by far! I am fully aware that in the creation of the "Mindwreck" concept I have broken one of the golden rules of writing. There should only be 2 or 3 main characters with a minimal number of supporting ones. "Mindwreck" has 12, and they are all central and pretty important. I believe I can create interest in them all and sustain that interest right through to the end.

"Mindwreck" is an adventure mystery and a love story, a multiple love story with plenty of conflict. The conflict comes from different places and different people, some of it hopefully, surprising! "Mindwreck" is definitely not a Sci-fi story. However, the reader is asked to make a "leap of faith." This is important to allow the story and characters to develop and achieve the desired ending. After the introduction of the characters in the first two chapters, there is a fundamental mystery thread running from chapter 3. I leave a "trail of breadcrumbs" for the characters and the reader to follow. Eventually, as the story races towards its climax all the questions are answered, but the characters are left with a shocking dilemma.

If you are interested in tracking "Mindwreck's" progress, please bookmark this page and visit me periodically for updates. Or, if you register via the "Contact" tab I will be happy to e-mail you when it is close to publication.


Anna Vickerman




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